KnowledgeGeneration is a company offering symbolic modelling and simulations for engineering problems. Our services aim on those problems which are not or can not efficiently solved by standard software.

● We solve problems with highly sophisticated symbolic software tools.

● Your problems are our challenge to find the best solution for your needs.

● We offer you the knowledge to design an efficient solution for your problems.

● Our expertise is mathematical modelling and simulation of engineering problems.

● Our consulting services are tailored to your specific needs in engineering, mathematical, and physical problems.

KnowledgeGeneration offers symbolic modelling and simulation based on Elements.

Elements is an object oriented symbolic programming tool based on Mathematica.

● The object oriented approach used by Elements  is an natural approach using the synergies of virtual and real objects.

Elements increases the efficiency and reliability since the class concept guarantees reusability and prevents extensive software tests.

● The models in Elements are modular and posses defined interfaces.

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